Industry Monitoring Solutions

Environment monitoring solutions have various applications that span across industries. Professionals in the healthcare, food service and pharmaceutical industries cannot afford to take a chance on faulty storage conditions for their environment-dependent assets.

Additionally, government agencies such as the FDA imposes heavy regulations on industries where lack of quality control can have serious consequences to the health and wellbeing of consumers. Failure to comply with regulators inevitably leads to costly fines, public censure, and material management expenses.

Affordable and Scalable Monitoring Solutions

For any company, an environment monitoring solution needs to be built and applied in a scalable and affordable manner.


Automated solutions mean that the system will send alarms and alerts automatically to the relevant stakeholders. Data logging should happen automatically.


Data logging needs to be accessible in real-time.


All data logging should be recorded and stored on the cloud.


Helthcare monitoring systems provide early detection of environmental threats to perishable assets that are subject to healthcare standards and regulations.

Fastest-possible resolution to any arising equipment issues, protect inventory investment and maintains compliance with governmental regulations, avoid fines and costly lawsuits, and safeguard your public reputation.


To safeguard manufacturing processes and to protect perishable inventory assets, the pharmaceutical is one of the industries most acclimatised to the regular use of critical environment monitoring solutions.


Foodservice or catering industry, with companies ranging from restaurants, cafeterias, catering companies, schools and more, make use of environmental monitoring solutions for cold rooms, freezers and refrigerators. For these companies, affordable remote systems are vital, that can send out alerts in real time if the systems detect abnormalities in temperatures or humidity.

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