Winland Insight Monitoring Solution

Winland Electronics, Inc. designs and manufactures products that monitor, inform and alarm for unfavourable temperatures, improper humidity, water leakage and power failures. Insight is a cloud-based monitoring solution that allows the user to manage multiple sensors, collect and log data and distribute to multiple users.

Cloud-Based Environment Monitoring

Insight is a complete IoT monitoring solution that allows companies to monitor critical assets in an economical way. The system uses sensors to measure environmental metrics such as temperature and humidity. The measurements from the sensors are collected and logged on a centralized, cloud-based database through a fully automated process. This ensures regulatory compliances.

Winland Insight provides users with text and email alerting if the sensors are providing anomalous measurements, allowing multiple users to manage multiple sensors and location on a single platform.

This comprehensive solution enables the fastest resolution possible for:

  • Protecting perishable assets that are vulnerable to environmental changes.
  • Ensuring compliance with storage regulations (fully HACCP and FDA compliant).
  • Curing inventory and labour costs.
  • Safeguarding business reputation and market position.

Sensors as a Service

The Insight solution is provided on an as-a-service basis. As a fee-based solution, it minimizes capital expenditures, removing upfront expensed, providing a more even impact on working capital.

Insight also allows the user to access reporting and analytical tools. Data collection and logging is fully automated and customized response plans can be designed easily. The platform protects all collected and stored data.

The solution is equipped with integration capabilities with trusted security providers, allowing for streamlining of after-hours verification of notifications.

Winland Insight is highly suitable for the following industries:

  • Foodservice Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Hospitals and other Medical Facilities

Enhance your processes, reduce costs and protect your inventory. Get in touch for more information:



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